Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Last year at Homecoming time, Rebekah was getting ready for her very first high school formal dance. Big stuff. Lots of angst as we spent days checking out multiple stores (in some cases multiple times) to find the perfect dress and shoes. We almost forgot the boutonniere!
This year...been there, done that. My girl was experienced. She picked out her dress in a one stop shopping deal at our favorite dress store one afternoon with her friend Shannon. She was supposed to be looking around, ruling things out, narrowing things down...and then I would swoop in with the wallet for the final go-over before we picked the final dress. At least that was how it was all working out in my head. But instead I got a text with a picture of her in a cute little purple number, asking my opinion and if it was okay to put some money down and give them the go ahead to make modesty alterations. (And take in the waist girl is an itty bitty one.) Another day we ordered the boutonniere, found shoes and jewelry all in one quickie afternoon trip. Yep, experienced she is.
She was asked to the big Homecoming dance (and big it is...this being their high school's 100th year and all) by of her very best guy friends. She was very excited knowing that with Jayden, she was going to have rip roaring time seeing as they always have so much fun together. (This is the boy that she took to Lagoon in the summer....)

It was a drawn out date...with the day activity the weekend before, the Homecoming football game the night before, and then the actual dance with dinner before and games afterward. (The dinner was some 7-course meal cooked by one of the boys' uncle who is a chef. Rebekah claims she has never eaten so well. Hmm. Should I be offended?) It was fun to hear all her stories....because my girl had a fabulous time and raved about the big night for days afterwards.

(Props, kudos and thanks go to Julianne for doing Rebekah's hair....)

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