Saturday, July 14, 2012

Singing at Cherry Hill

My singing group, Witness, sang a concert at Cherry Hill a couple of weeks ago as part of their summer weekend concert series.  Not only did the hour long show go off without a hitch, but glory was fun!!!  Thankfully, because it made all that hard work worth it....oh my, did we spent A LOT of time getting ready for this!  We debated long and hard about our song list...and then started searching for accompaniment tracks.  The concert being outside meant there was no possibility of any live piano accompaniment.  Then, as is our tradition, we got to work on writing harmonies, descants and special arrangements of all of our music.  Putting together a theme for the program, writing little segue's in between each number, staging, choreography....we even had specific assignments for who brought which stools, benches and microphones on and offstage for each number.  And we practiced...boy did we practice!  Even when Catrina went to McCall, Idaho with her family for the summer (she made the long 7 hour drive back specifically for the concert) we rehearsed with her via Skype.  All of us singing and dancing on both sides of the computer monitor.      

 Want to know one of the highlights of the evening?  Funny enough, it actually had nothing to do with singing.  We had just finished the concert, the audience was milling about, we were greeting family members and friends when a woman approached me and asked, "You're Sarah, right?"  I knew immediately who she was even though we had never met before.  It was blogging buddy! (See here)  I was absolutely delighted to finally meet her in person...which is funny because since I've been reading her blog for so long, I feel like I already know her!  She had read on my blog a few weeks earlier that I would be singing at Cherry Hill, checked Cherry Hill's website for the exact date...and then brought her husband for date night.  :)  It actually meant a great deal to me that she would make the effort to come hear me sing.  And hey, Jewels...(cause I know you are reading this) I wasn't kidding when I suggested lunch!  Let's plan it!

Bryan captured quite a few silly faces during my solo....
I was singing Practically Perfect from "Mary Poppins."  Which is funny seeing as these expressions on my face are far from the prim and proper faces I would expect Mary Poppins to make....


Katie said...

I'm so glad it went well. Of course, if you were involved it had to be fabulous!!! You looked great in your red jeans!

Jewels said...

You guys were phenomenal! Honestly, I get blown away by talented singers and you guys were like that December wind storm!
It was so great meeting you, too. I'm so glad you recognized me. I had all these awkward scenarios going through my mind.
(Lunch? Yes!)