Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Girly pink

Lilian has been begging to paint her room.  Girly pink is the color of choice.  I said something along the lines of "No way, Jose!"  Mostly because I know that within a few years she'll probably move downstairs into a room vacated by one of her sisters when they go off to college or get married or go on a mission or whatever.  (How off-putting is it to realize that these events are not that far off!?!?) We compromised by hanging curtains and a few other updates to Lilian's room. 

Lilian picked out bright hot pink polka-dot curtains.  Which necessitated putting away the sweet, mellow, homemade matching puff quilts and bringing out the polka-dot bedspreads that Rebekah and Julianne used after they grew a little older....and decided they wanted something more modern than sweet, mellow, homemade matching puff quilts. 

Lilian is an artist.  And a hoarder...of all artistic masterpieces along with every card, note, certificate and picture she's ever been given.  Oh, I whittle through them all every now and again.  But needless to say her magnet board was completely overcrowded.  So we bought these clipboards and I let Lilian go to town painting them.  Her older sisters decided they wanted in on the fun and painted a couple of them as well.

And these letter frames that had been hanging above Lilian's bed and had to come down when the bed became two...found a new home above the closet.  They look better there anyhow.  (See here)  Oh.  Did I never mention the addition of the bunk beds?  Yeah...Lilian got a wild hare a few months ago and decided she really wished she had bunk beds.  Unbeknownst to her, the bed she was using actually was one of a set, the other bed collecting dust in the storage room.  So much to her delight, we were able to grant that wish easily.
Next up:  the real reason Lilian wants to paint her room...aka Julianne's room re-do.  


Jewels said...

I LOVE the clipboards! What a clever idea!

Kim Anderson said...

Oh she is her mother's daughter! I hope she ends up being a scrapbooker and journal writer just like you.

Oh, and I love the new room look!

Shauna said...

I love those framed letters. I want to make some for Malia's room now that she finally has her own. How did you put those together? They are so stinkin' cute.