Monday, July 16, 2012

No Soliciting

Judging from the amount of door-to-door salesmen I have grudgingly greeted recently, it appears it is time to hang a little sign in my front window.  Today it was a gal from a pest control company.  Despite telling her that my house had already been sprayed, despite assuring her that we were NOT having problems with bugs in our home, she persisted.  And then asked if I could please tell her why when I said I wasn't interested and tried to politely shut the door.  Umm....were you not listening?

I related the story to Bryan and the kids at dinner.  "Well Mom," said Rebekah.  "Of course they come to our house...we're practically the only ones without a 'no soliciting' sign in our window."

"Wait...what did you say?" asked Brandon.  "I thought all those signs said 'no socializing'!"
This gave me a bit of a giggle.  Seeing as our neighborhood is chock full of the most social people you'll ever meet.

A more thorough definition of the word soliciting was next on the dinner conversation agenda.  Along with how much I dislike door-to-door salesmen...conflicting with my thoughts on sending our LDS missionaries out to knock doors and how I hope they are received kindly even if they are being turned away.  That it is a good reminder for me, when faced with a door-to-door salesman, to add some kindness to my dismissal.

"So, are you going to make a 'no solidifying' sign for our door now, Mom?" asked Brandon when I was done.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do!  "No solidifying" at my door.  No siree bob.  If you knock on my door you better be prepared to stay at least 60% liquid!


MG said...

So does no soliciting stop missionaries from knocking on that door? Just wondering if they have rules about that...never thought of that before. A very cute story over the sign.

MG said...

And not one salesman minds my no soliciting sign...they knock all the time...seem to target the newer neighborhoods.

Jewels said...

I finally made one of those signs. We've still had so many roof repairers come by, they have an 'out'- they're offering a free appraisal. Whatever.