Monday, May 7, 2012

My Reason 2 Ride

I woke up Saturday in the early morning and cold for a bike race.  But this time, rather than ride it, I volunteered at it.  The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta was a century (100 miles) race hosted by Biker's Edge (my favorite local bike store) and Reason 2 Ride, a charitable organization started by some people in my neighborhood.  

MyReason2Ride (R2R) is a charitable organization that unites cyclists and charities, raising money for their specific cause. Our goal is achieved by putting on cycling events where bikers choose a reason to ride from one of three categories; Health & Wellness, Education and Humanitarian Aide. Each year we ask R2R participants, "What Moves You?" allowing them to determine which charitable partners... we support under each category. Money for these charities is raised through direct donations, ride entry fees, sponsor participation and club partnerships. 100% of the profits from each event are donated directly back to our charitable partners. In addition to organizing our own events, R2R has various strategic partners in the cycling community including other established charitable cycling rides, races and events. 
I spent my morning checking in riders, taking donations and answering questions.  Surprisingly, it was a lot of fun...and rather interesting being on the opposite side of the table for once.  Registration was free.  The fully supported race and lunch at the  Donations were hoped for but not required.  And if you donated, you got to choose which, from a list of charities, you wanted your money to go towards.  The goal was to raise $1,500.00.  We raised $3,800.00!  100% of which goes to charity.  Such generosity!  We even had a few bikers that were not part of the race that just happened to be riding by, stop to see what was going on and then donate!  It was pretty awesome to be a part of all that.  I've already volunteered to help again later this summer at another event....

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MorrisFamilyMemories said...

Hey Sarah, In the last picture you are registering my neighbors and friends. small world.