Monday, May 21, 2012

Looking forward to early mornings

This right here? 

This is the best way to start my morning.  Out on my porch swing on the back deck, with a mug of hot chocolate, a blanket (depending on the temperature), and my scriptures.  (Or this morning, the April General Conference talks.)  I can't tell you how rejuvenating it is, both spiritually and mentally, to start my day out this way.  The birds are chirping, the weather is mild, the sun just starting to peek over the mountains....and I'm reading the word of God that inspires, uplifts and strengthens me for the upcoming day. 

I am not a morning person and have always struggled with getting up early enough to make sure the girls have awakened and are in the process of getting ready for school.  (Seriously, why does high school have to start so early?)  Now that I have discovered this little morning routine, when that alarm goes off I can fairly easily convince myself to get up because I have something to look forward to. 

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Jewels said...

That's the way I need to start my days more often.