Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graduation...preschool style

It's a red-letter day, my friends.  Lilian has graduated from preschool.  Do you know what this means?  Can you grasp the significance of this?  All of my kids have finished preschool!  And even more importantly...I never have to drive a preschool carpool again! 

And yes, okay.  When Brandon graduated from preschool back in 2006, I thought that was it.  Lilian wasn't yet a part of our family...not even a thought in my head or a twinkle in my eye.  So I suppose you could argue that this is the second time I have experienced this particular red-letter day.  (Let's hope it really is the last this time, shall we?)

And okay, actually I was a little bit sad.  I'm not prone to be a mommy-crier at things like this.  And realistically, I'm more than ready for Lilian to head off to Kindergarten.  What I was more sad about was the thought of losing Miss Cindy.  Lilian adores her and amazingly enough, that adoration is mutual!  Not only has Lilian enjoyed her two years with Carefree Kids Preschool, she has also learned a lot!  More so than her siblings did in their years at the preschool they all three attended in our last town.  Lilian is a lot more prepared.  Yes, she has more than likely learned a lot just from her place as the youngest in the family, hanging out with and picking up things from her older sisters and brother.  But I have no doubt, most of her academic growth has come from preschool.  And my heart swells a bit when I think of Lilian's sweet teacher who spent so much time working with her.

 Celebrating all the summer birthdays.  (Lilian's birthday is in just 3 more days....she has a paper chain in her room that she has been diligently counting down the days with.  Can you say excited?)

Apparently Miss Cindy has some super-secret-teacher-fairy power that turns the kids into official Kindergarteners. 


Mindy said...

I can't believe she is ready for Kindergarten, the time has flown by with her :) She'll do great though. And how fun, now more lunches for us :)

Melissa@thebblog said...

gosh Rebekah looks just like Madelyn! I see that resemblance all the time. Am I the only one? congrats to the grad and the mom.