Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday: Happy 14th Julianne!

Julianne turned 14 today.  She came home from school with plenty of stories of hugs, a decorated locker, birthday songs, surprises and treats.  She's got some really great friends.  Her birthday party is tomorrow morning...a big sit-down brunch with 8 of her besties.

This picture was taken on Julianne's 2nd birthday in 2000.  She kept spinning happy, dizzy circles and squealing "Halloweena!"  Which, we determined, was a cross between Halloween (dressing up) and Ballerina.  Cute little thing, isn't she?


Jill said...

I love her!

MELISSA said...

holy wow, our kids look alike. I always saw Maddy in Rebekah pictures but for a small moment, I thought this one was Maddy. Wow, I guess that dalton gene really shows in our kids (of course, you will all now look and say - "that looks nothing like your daughter Melissa you crazy, self-absorbed mother!")

MELISSA said...

oh, and (see, too self-absorbed) Happy Birthday my lovely niece. You have grown up too fast! I love you.