Thursday, February 9, 2012


We've lived in this house for four years now.  And for the first three I had assumed curtains wouldn't really go in this very craftsman style house....therefore deciding I didn't need to worry about any kind of window treatment other than blinds.  (Hoping to upgrade someday to plantation shutters....)  The reason I assumed curtains wouldn't work?  This reason right here:
See that decorative (albeit plain) header above the window?  There is one over each and every window and door in this house.  Which somehow translated in my mind as no need for curtains...or that curtain rods and draperies just wouldn't work with that extra slab of wood up there.   You can chalk it up to decorator inexperience, I suppose.

Of course, then when I finally decided that I DID want to put up curtains in my living room, that was the only decision I could make.  That yes, curtains would work.  But what kind?  I'm indecisive, if you haven't already figured that out.  And slow on getting extra projects done seeing as I'm so busy just trying to do the surface things in keeping house and family running somewhat smoothly.

But I finally did it.  Made the decision, bit the bullet, and started pounding holes in the wall.  (Well...only after the curtains I bought from IKEA sat in a closet for 3 months while I debated if they were really what I wanted....)  I wish I had a before picture for you.  It's always amazes me what a difference a little thing like curtains can make.  

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Mary said...

I agree. Curtains makes a huge difference. I think your living room looks so cozy! Isn't it amazing what a simple little panel can do to a room.