Monday, February 6, 2012

Black Jack Meet

We spent this past weekend in Las Vegas.  And although we turned it into a mini-vacation of sorts, gymnastics was the main reason we were there.
 (Last minute pep talk and advice from Coach Adam before Brandon's floor routine.)

(Brandon doing his "scale" with Coach Adam and teammate Jayden who was next up, watching on.)

As you already know, Brandon has been pretty much kicking trash at his meets this season, with 1st place all around awards at each so far.  Black Jack, I figured, would humble him a bit.  This is a national meet with teams from all over the country.  Judges would be stricter and competition would be more fierce.  Last year, though he had an absolute blast competing in such an impressive meet, Brandon didn't place in a single event.  Although I expected Brandon to take a few awards this year, I thought his event scores would be lower.  So I was stunned when score after score was quite high!  They are scores that I am used to seeing...but not for this national Black Jack meet! 
 (Brandon looking very focused on his rings muscle-up...)

 (I LOVE this picture of Brandon mid-dive roll.  That kid is flying!)

 To give you an idea, here are Brandon's scores comparing last year 2011 to this year 2012.

        2011                                    2012
Floor:      11.1                     Floor:     15.4
Pommel:     13.8                 Pommel:     15.2
Rings:     13.7                     Rings:     14.5
Vault:     13.6                      Vault:     15.3
P Bars:     13.1                    P Bars:     15.0
High Bar:     12.8                High Bar:     15.1 

These scores put him on the award podium for not only each and every event but also as the 3rd place winner all around!  The team as a whole then also took 3rd place!

After the awards ceremony, the college and elite gymnasts came in for a workout on the equipment.  Brandon was able to get autographs from Olympian Jonathan Horton (who congratulated him on his 3rd place win) and soon-to-be-Olympian (at least in my opinion) Jake Dalton. 
 (Brandon and a few of his teammates watching Jonathan Horton workout on the pommel.)

Saturday night, the glow of Brandon's meet still in place, we attended the Winter Cup Championship....the meet where those same college and elite gymnasts that we saw working out earlier, were competing.  Beyond the amazement of the skill and talent these gymnasts have, it was pretty neat to realize that the USA Olympic mens gymnastics team would likely come from these gymnasts we were watching.  We were getting a sneak peak!  As well as Jonathan Horton and Jake Dalton....Steven LeGendre, Danell Layva, John Orozsco and Brandon Wynn.  Remember these names because you will very likely be seeing them again in London this summer.... 
 (Can you pick out Brandon?  With our blessing, he ditched us for better seats with teammate Johnny and Coaches Gabe and Adam.)

 Up next...the vacation part of our weekend.


Kari said...

I bet you are one proud mom! That boy has some muscles and talent. Good job Brandon

MELISSA said...

way too cool!!! Congratulations Brandon. Where are you going to hang all these medals???