Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ballet = Bad Behavior


Sweet, demure and charming as she can be...she's got a mind of her own. A stubborn little angel. It comes from being the youngest child. One that has a six year gap between her and her next oldest sibling. Almost like an only child, she gets her way far more often than is probably good for her. But a holy terror she is usually not. Disobedient at times, yes. And that girl most definitely knows how to push buttons and boundaries. But she's four. And when she does exhibit bad behavior, it is usually slight and and more related to her age rather than her situation as the baby of the family. And when that bad behavior does rear its head...it's mostly at home with me. 

But today I was horrified to discover that Lilian has been extremely naughty in ballet class lately. Running away from the carpool, refusing to go into class, teasing the other girls and being downright disrespectful to her teacher. I was truly embarrassed. 

Why was she acting this way? She's been fine in preschool. I thought to chalk it up to her being sick this weekend. Maybe she still didn't feel 100%. But even if it was the case, that excuse only holds water for this week...and though today was apparently the worst offense, her behavior has been iffy for the past few weeks. 

Lilian has been complaining about ballet lately. She never took to it as passionately as I thought she would, seeing how excited she was about starting up last August. When I ask her about class, it's 50/50 as to whether the report will come back negative or positive.  So I guess that's it. I had thought, despite her growing complaints, that we would keep her in class until the recital this June...thinking maybe the excitement of an official dance on the big stage and pretty, frilly tutu's might be just the thing. I guess not. Looks like my dreams of Lilian as a ballerina are all for naught....

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Mylissa said...

LOVE the photo! LOVE Lilian!!!