Friday, August 19, 2011

A little sneak peak...

Can you guess where we are in these pictures?
Multiple choice:
A. The Land of the Mouse
B. The Happiest Place on Earth
C. The place people go to wear silly hats, wait in long lines and spend a lot of money
D. Disneyland
E. All of the above

The correct answer is E but if you answered with any other letter I will still give you full points.
We spent 4 days. "We" being just Lilian, my mom and myself. Well, you know...also Mickey and Minnie, all the princesses, Winnie the Pooh and his friends, and a few gazillion other people.

More pictures and stories to come but here is a sneak peak for today. A story in pictures, if you will indulge me....

I decided it'd be a great idea to take a picture in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. After all, not only is it one of THE PICTURES TO TAKE while in Disneyland, but also, the castle was one of Lilian's favorite attractions. We toured the darn thing FOUR times!
I handed the camera to my mom and....

Trying to get Lilian to look at the camera. Despite what it may look like, it's NOT the view behind her that is making her not want to turn around. It is pure 4 year old Lilian stubbornness. This picture was NOT her idea. Therefore, she is NOT going to participate.

Ummm..... ??? Should we just call it good? Sorry for making you stand and wait there, Mom, on what should be a quick photo op.

Maybe if I flip around really fast when she's not expecting it we'll get some face time....

Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle

{Resigned.} Okay fine. Bag it. Maybe I don't want the picture THAT bad anyway.

Lilian: Oh! Mom gave up? I guess I can stop hiding my face now.

Hi Grandma!


Mary said...

What a little stinker. :-) It gave me a good chuckle though. I've been there many times while trying to get a kid to smile. Can't wait for more disneyland adventures.

Heidi said...

Matt and I have discussed taking our two younger kids to do somthing like this too. I'm so glad you got to have this fun time with your mom and Lilian.