Monday, August 1, 2011

Farmers Market

We went to the Farmers Market in downtown SLC this past Saturday. It's a place I'd never been but always wanted to see. And it didn't disappoint. An outdoor market filled with not only all the fresh fruits and veggies you could want but also fresh flowers, jams, breads, meats, baked goods, jewelry, and crafts. There were all sorts of performers...musicians, balloon twisters, etc, working for tips. Dogs on leashes were more than welcome and I've never seen so many different breeds in one place before. We had a great time....I hope to go back soon.

Rebekah was insistent about buying raspberries. Bryan gave her some money and let her go to it. She wandered around looking at all the different raspberry vendors checking out quality and price...finally settling on one and then standing in line and making the transaction herself.

We watched this guy play his tinny-sounding portable piano for quite awhile. He was pretty good. And we were fascinated by his set-up. Yes, he hauls that piano behind his bike!

There was a college-age girl who was manning a little "photo booth" for tips. She had Lilian sit down and make 4 different faces while she drew them up really quick. Lilian put her money in one slot of the "photo booth" and the pictures came out the other. It was cute and creative...and Lilian loved her little face pictures.

Here's a few more shots from our day...


Unknown said...

We love our Vancouver Farmer's Market! So glad you enjoyed the festivities. This is our normal Sunday morning trip...veggies for the week, a little fresh air, and the feeling that we're supporting the local growers. It's all good!

Mary said...

Cool. I've never been to a farmer's market before. I would have thought that there was just fruits and veggies. Who knew that it would be so entertaining!

MELISSA said...

that photo booth is so creative! I've been once to the farmers market and it was almost overwhelming - so much too see. We haven't been back since but I've been meaning to. Glad you enjoyed it.