Sunday, August 14, 2011


I went to the Josh Groban concert last night. Although I am nearly 38 years old, when it comes to Josh Groban I tend to revert back to a drooling, shrieking, obsessed teenager. (I even wore a Josh Groban t-shirt!) I kid you not...when Josh first arrived on stage I had goosebumps and my hands were shaking!! So you will have to forgive me for the amount of pictures I post, despite their less than stellar quality. (I took Rebekah's camera but it was not responding well. I took pictures regardless...messing with settings along the way...deciding that grainy, even blurry pictures at times, were better than no pictures at all.)

(Singing, and playing, one of my all time favorites "February Song.")

I have been a Josh Groban fan from nearly the beginning. A few weeks after my friend Lori had first mentioned his name to me, I heard a song from his first album on the car radio. I turned the volume way up and then listened in stunned silence. I bought the album the very next day. When he came to SLC on tour the next year my friend Chellie and I went together. It was Josh's first arena venue and the cute kid looked confused, awed and humbled when he came out on stage. As if he couldn't quite believe that not only had he sold out an arena but that all these fans were screaming his name!! It was rather sweet. And a great concert.

I had to miss his last "Awake" tour. It was the summer Lilian was born. So when Chellie called me a few months ago and wondered if I wanted to attend Josh's "Straight to You" tour I jumped at it. Jumped so high, in fact, that I joined the Friends of Josh Groban (FOJG) Fan Club so we could buy our tickets a couple of days earlier than they went on sale to the general public. It was worth it. We got seats on the floor, center, row 12.
A--MA--ZING!!!Josh Groban is older now than the first time I saw him in concert. More experienced, more well known, more successful and more confident. And he puts on one heck of an amazing concert! Not only does he have one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard, he also plays the piano. And the drums!! He is wicked funny...he kept us in stitches all night. Which was probably good, you break us out of that swoon state we were constantly reverting back to every time he sang a note."You're a little grabby, Salt Lake, I'm not going to lie. I feel equal parts jubliated and violated right now!" --Josh Groban as he ran up the aisle through the audience.

My seat was the 3rd in from the aisle. Which means that Josh ran past close enough for me to touch numerous times. And seeing as the people in the seats next to me were a cute little older couple who didn't tend to stand up when everyone else did and then left at 10:30, a half hour early (bedtime, perhaps?) my view was pretty unobstructed. I am proud to say that I was not one of the "grabby" Salt Lakers...although that was mostly because I was all sorts of determined to get a picture of just how close Josh Groban was to me!!! (Is it bad if I admit to wishing that I had thrown my hand out there in hopes that he would touch it as he ran by? Nah...I've already fully admitted to turning into an drooling groupie whenever Josh is around, right?) Oh well.
After 2 encore numbers the lights came up, the stage crew starting taking down sets immediately and Chellie and I came back to reality.
All together now: Ahhhh....{SIGH}.
It was a great night.


Lori said...

Still so jealous! Glad for the props of being the one to introduce you two, but I still wish I could be there with you when he comes. Next time! Count me in, no excuses!...and you can take all the pictures you want while I touch his hand.

Heidi said...

Ha ha - love it! I'm so glad you had such a good time. :)