Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday: Excited About Driving...

This girl has been anxious to drive since she was two years old. Much to her excitement (and my trepidation) she only has about a year more to wait. Heaven help us!

Rebekah. April 1998


MELISSA said...

Ah that little Ford. Rachel and Scott both drove it for some time along with you. Not sure they have fond memories of the car like you might.

Let's just not talk about Rebekah driving - it makes me feel old! I remember like it was yesterday getting my license.

Sarah said...

Scott drove it too? Boy, that car sure got some serious mileage! I bought it used....and then drove it from 1994-2000. And then Dad bought it for Rachel to drive around. Did Scott use it when Rachel was in D.C. or something?