Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An admission

There was a little bit of Spring in my kitchen today. After a trip to the local nursery, Lilian and I potted a fern for the living room, a cactus garden for the computer room/library and a rosemary plant for the kitchen. The smell of the soil and the plants, pulling out my garden gloves and tools, dirt down my shirt and in my eyes....ahh, Spring.Oh. Wait. Wasn't my last post about loving Winter?
Yes, yes it was.
Okay, fine. I admit it. As much as I love winter, there is a part of me that is getting excited for Spring. There! I said it. Happy?
(My dad is gloating right now...)

Oh, and by the way? I don't really love getting dirt down my shirt and in my eyes. Don't know why that always happens.
And also, I named the fern Harvey. Just in case you were interested.

Have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE this place??


Mary said...

Oh course you have to name your plants. You talk to them too right. . . . to keep them alive? Love that you are having a bit of spring fever. I've been having that for awhile! I've very much enjoyed watching my flower that you gave me bloom. So much fun!

Mindy said...

I know deep down you love spring, & summer the most :)

Sarah said...

hahaha Mindy!

Croft Family said...

Can't believe those words came from you! I'm counting the days till I can start working in my yard again.