Thursday, July 1, 2010

The risks of living with a blogger

"Hey Mom! If I could choose any would be a pickle burp!! A pickle burp tastes really good!"

That was too good of a sound byte. With my laptop already on my lap, it was just too easy to open my blog and start typing.

"Oh no! MOM!! But now everyone is going to say, 'Really, you like pickles? I don't like pickles!' and stuff like that!"

This, my boy, is what happens when you live with a mommy blogger.


MELISSA said...

Really Brandon - you like pickles? I really do too. But I gotta disagree wtih you on the after burps. I love to eat them, don't like to burp them. Of course I do prefer pickle burps to green pepper burps . . .

MamaBug said...

Ha! Too funny. :)