Friday, July 9, 2010

Favorite Photo(s) Friday: Roomies

Heather and I met in Jr. High. She was so bubbly, fun and outgoing, I was thrilled when we became good friends in High School. We sat together in Concert Choir and were roomies on tour. We enjoyed the arrangement so much that we decided to be roomates at Snow College the next year. For two years we lived together. We cooked together, we did homework together, we went for walks together and took weekend trips home together. I watched the clock when she was out late, she listened to my stories of the new boyfriend I had kissed. I introduced her to Rawlin, she let me cry on her shoulder when I got dumped. I went to her concerts for Ascension (the Snow College show choir.) She came to my concerts for LD Singers (the Ephraim Institute show choir). We shared clothes. She made fun of me for taking so long to curl my hair. I made fun of her for taking so long to apply her make-up. She got engaged to Rawlin the same weekend Bryan came home from his mission. Six weeks later Bryan and I got engaged. Which meant that we were planning weddings at the same time. Announcements, flowers, showers, dresses. She got married in June and I got married in July. I was her maid of honor and she was mine. Luckily, blessedly...our husbands are so alike that they get along beautifully. Our children look forward to seeing each other as well. Heather and Rawlin live in Wisconsin now. We don't see them as much as we used to. But they are in town visiting family this week and are planning to stay the whole weekend with us. I am so excited!
Heather gave me this card right as we were heading into college graduation and our big wedding summer. I've kept it all these years. I'll keep the personal sentiments to myself but the card itself I thought I'd share because it's really funny and fits us well.

Top Ten Reasons We're Such Good Friends:
10. Neither one of us would ever wear a thong bikini.
9. Calories we eat together don't count.
8. Shopping, shopping, shopping.
7. Shared love of telephones.
6. No man is ever going to tell you honestly if an outfit makes your butt look big.
5. We believe each other's excuses for missing aerobics.
4. Neither one of us ever asks, "Are you allowed to eat that on your diet?"
3. Chocolate.
2. We can mindlessly talk about our hair for long periods of time.
And the #1 reason we're such good friends is:
1. Every woman's got to have someone to go to the ladies room with.


MELISSA said...

I couldn't get those pictures to enlarge - they are so tiny. Luckily, I can picture them in my head because I've seen them a lot! glad you have wonderful friends. I'm glad you are my friend!

Sarah said...

Oh, how weird. They enlarge on my computer just fine.
I'm glad you are my friend too!