Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Field trips

In between the hanging out with friends, the trips with grandparents, gymnastics and Cherry Hill...I've been trying to take my kids on one "field trip" each week. Here are some pictures from our June adventures.
*Shopping in Park City. It was rainy and COLD! But who cares if you're spending the great majority of your time in a dressing room trying on clothes, right?

*Dinner at the Mayan restaurant out in Sandy. Yeah, I remembered that the food wasn't great. Didn't remember that it was out and out just plain bad! But oh well. The kids thought the cliff divers were AWESOME!

*The day that Rebekah and Julianne were at girls camp and Brandon was at scout camp I took Lilian down to Thanksgiving Point to play around in the water fountains at the Childrens Garden. We both had a fabulous time!

*Toy Story 3!! It was nice to find a movie that all of us would enjoy, including Lilian.

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MELISSA said...

why don't you tell me when you come to thanksgiving point? we could have at the very least met at iceberg for a shake!!