Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

Seventeen years married. That's a big accomplishment. Bryan and I decided a celebration was in order. We dropped the kids off at my parents house for a sleepover and then headed up to Cache Valley. Our first year of marriage was spent in Logan so we (I) decided a little reminiscing was in order. We stayed at the Sherwood Hills Resort in Sardine Canyon. We'd passed it many times driving to and from Logan but had never driven up the little road that led to it. Friday we finally did. We drove through the gates and immediately noticed a little prarie dog in the road. Twitching. It had been hit. We decided to put it out of it's misery and roll over it again. Smashed flat. But before we had gone even a few hundred yards further...SQUISH. Another one had run out in front of our car. We backed up over it again to make sure it was good and dead and not suffering. And then noticed that these little prarie dogs were EVERYWHERE! Bryan was wishing mightily for his .22 and a silencer. I must've looked at him strangely because he defended his stance quickly by saying he would be doing the resort a service...surely these prarie dogs were eating up the golf course! :) The road up to the resort was pretty. Uphill through the trees, lined with lamp posts. It was a pretty little hotel. We quite enjoyed our stay there.
Friday night we went to the Iron Gate Grill in Logan. Remember that place I ate at while getting ready for my Little Red Riding Hood bike ride? The one with the best chocolate cake EVER? Yeah, that place. And yeah, we got more cake. Yum.
Saturday we slept in till 11:00. Talk about decadence. We checked out and zipped back to Logan to visit The Book Table....the site of my very favorite job ever. I was practically giddy, I was so excited to see the place again. I knew that there wouldn't be anyone there still that I used to work with. I knew that surely there would be changes. But oh! The CHANGES! Much more extreme than I had expected. And overall, it was a little depressing. I much preferred the way it had been...though it could be just because I'm more sentimentally attached to my memories of the place.

We headed south and decided to stop for lunch in Brigham City. My mom grew up in Brigham. We used to visit fairly regularly when I was a kid, especially during Peach Days. A few weeks ago when I visited my Grandma Adele she recommended that the next time I was up that way I should eat at Peach old high school hangout that had great burgers and fries but especially yummy homemade peach shakes. Grandma Adele has cancer. Friday when I was dropping the kids off at my parents house, my mom told me that Grandma has only 3-5 days left to live. So going to Peach City...for me, it seemed like it was in honor of her. We sat down at the counter, and after ordering I told Bryan all the things my Grandma had told me about this place. And all of the sudden I realized I was going to cry. I put my hands over my face, leaned my elbows onto the counter, and with Bryan rubbing my back, I did exactly that. The reality of the fact that in less than a week my sweet Grandma Adele will be just didn't really hit me until right then. So I cried. And I ate my yummy peach shake and cried a little more. Thoughtful, sweet Bryan decided that it would be a good idea to get a picture of the two of us there. I'm glad he thought of that. And I'm grateful he was willing to eat at some fast food burger place and humor my sentimentality.
We had a great weekend. Thank you to my wonderful parents for watching our children. My sister Mary and her family were in town, staying there also, and the kids had SO much fun with their cousins that Lilian wanted nothing to do with me when we got back. Told me to go home, in fact! I'm glad they were happy and cared for. And I'm glad that Bryan and I were able to get away for the weekend to celebrate 17 years together. Bryan's mom called while we were driving into Logan Saturday afternoon. He told her where we were and why. And then told her that this was just the beginning. Seventeen years? It's nothing compared to how many we will eventually share. I'm looking forward to it.


Mindy said...

We loved Sherwood hills, it's awesome up there, and so quite. We have eaten at Peach City before, but how fun for you to be there in honor of your grandma. So sorry about your grandma, these things are never easy. HUGS

Croft Family said...

Sounds like such a nice little vacation away from life to reconnect with each other. Sorry to hear about your grandma.

MamaBug said...

Congratulations on 17 years! Looks like over all you had a great weekend.