Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Silver Lake

I was hankering for a hike. Or maybe just the idea of being up in the canyons during the leaf color change that happens spectacularly around here every fall. We decided to head up to Silver Lake. Which isn't really much of a hike if you stick to the boardwalk trail that makes its way around the lake. More of a scenic walk. Which is still all good in the revel-in-nature-and-enjoy-the-fall-leaves sort of option. There was a break off trail that hikes you to another lake higher up the side of the mountain. And that sounded like a mighty good plan to me...except we were pretty sure we'd be hiking back down in the dark if we got all impulsive right then and there. So we put it on the bucket list and decided we'd have to come back another day. But the scenic walk around Silver Lake did indeed fix that bit of hankering inside me, so goal achieved.

 "You better hold onto my hand Lilian, so you don't fall off the trail...."

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