Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Fairly Odd Halloween

Another year, another girls choice Halloween Dance. This year Julianne took her BFF Jordan who lives a few houses down the street. The two of them brainstormed for quite awhile, really wanting to come up with costumes that were really unique and fun. Lots of ideas were considered and tossed out, finally deciding upon Wanda and Cosmo from The Fairly OddParents. Have you seen this cartoon on Nickelodeon? We used to watch it somewhat frequently when the kids were younger. It's silly, of course. The main plot revolving around a young boy named Timmy who has two fairy god parents who grant wishes. As you would expect, these wishes never go the way they are meant to and Wanda and Cosmo tend to cause more problems than they fix. But that's where the hilarity comes from.

Anyhow, putting these costumes together was a group effort for Julianne and Jordan. They went shopping for wands, put together their floating crowns and practiced their hair dye...together. I think they enjoyed the prep and build-up to the big day as much as they loved actually wearing the costumes. And they looked fabulous! They got compliment after many people stopping to look more closely at their hair, their floating crowns. Random people they didn't even know asking to take pictures with them. Even one of the school administrators stopping them and saying something along the lines of, "I've been here all evening and yours is the best costumes I've seen. You're the winner of the night!" Clearly they were a hit. They did indeed look really awesome...but I think it had to do in large part with the fact that the idea was so unique.

Dinner was at our house the night of the dance. Nothing too fancy....the other girls were bringing side dishes and we provided the main course which was soup. (We made three for variety.) Soups, rolls and salads...a traditional fall sort of meal. It was fun decorating the table all Halloween like. But since the five couples were already meeting here for dinner, Julianne asked if I would also be their official photographer. I may have a nice camera, but an professional (or even amateur) photographer I am not. So I was a little nervous, hoping the pictures would turn out well. I took them up to the walking trail that runs behind our neighborhood where there are lots of trees, thinking that the changing colors of the leaves would make a fun back drop. And yay for Mother Nature because the pictures did turn out rather nicely!
(One of my favorites: we're done taking pics and they're all heading back off the trail and towards our house for dinner...but Julianne and Jordan are still being silly together. And Jaden's photobomb!)

Julianne came home smiling and happy at the end of the night. Check off one more Halloween Dance as a success.
Just for kicks and giggles....Halloween Dances of the past:

Geriatrics: Julianne and Jackson. 2014

 Tinker Bell and Peter Pan: Rebekah and Trevor. 2013

Cowboys: Rebekah and Tyler. 2012

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