Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trapped in my own home

I am typing this from my hiding spot on the floor under the window of my computer room. Said room is right off the front door with the large window affording me a view of my front yard, the street just beyond and of course, the walkway that runs parallel to the window and then up the front steps to my door.

A few minutes ago while sitting at my computer desk a flash of red caught my eye and I glanced over only to see a door-to-door sales guy wearing a red cap making his way up my walkway. Without even thinking twice, I hit the mute on my computer (silencing the playlist I had been listening to) and dropped to the floor like my life depended on it and then slithered my way over to the window like a snake hoping that he hadn't already seen me. And then I waited as he rang the doorbell once, twice. Trapped, I lay there wondering how long I should wait before the coast was clear. What if I got up too soon and he was still standing there? What if he had already seen me, knew I was home and was waiting to give me a condemning stare when I popped my head up again? It's now been a good ten minutes. Surely he's long gone by now, yes?

Wait. What? 
I, a 41-year old woman hiding out in my own home...literally laying low under the window so I don't have to deal with a door-to-door salesman? How ridiculous is this?
I so need to get a "no soliciting" sign....

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Melissa@thebblog said...

Haha that's hilarious b