Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Homecoming 2014: This Is the New Year

I'm experienced now. Julianne is my second child to make her way through all these high school dances and their elaborate asks and answers. So when Lance wanted to set up his official Homecoming ask in Julianne's bedroom, I knew to make a quick run through so as to ensure there was nothing too girly or embarrassing laying on the floor, and double check that her bed was made.

Julianne was delighted when she arrived home that night and within the next few days started researching dress ideas on pinterest and getting her own elaborate answer ready to deliver to Lance's house. (I wish I had a was a Scrabble game board with all the connecting words spelling out synonyms of YES.)

Originally Julianne's thoughts for a Homecoming look revolved around Vintage or Old Hollywood Glamour. However when we stumbled across a new boutique in Bountiful and found the perfect dress there, we ran with it. Whether it translated into either one of those styles Julianne was going for, I'm not sure. But she indeed looked beautiful!

Rebekah came home for the weekend, most specifically to help Julianne get ready and watch the send off. Kind of different I'm assuming, to be on the opposite side of things this time...

Lance showed up right on time, flower in hand and looking very dapper. Boys are so lucky, don't you think? In years past boys also had to pin corsages on their date's dress. Maybe that was a bit on the awkward side and that's why the wrist band was invented? Regardless, girls still have to endure the hassle of trying to get the boutonniere pinned on correctly and firmly with a minimum amount of blood loss from pricks to fingers. Luckily Julianne seems to have mastered the art, despite this only being her second experience with it.

Don't they make a good looking pair? These two have been good friends for over four years now, doing plays together at both Centrestage Theatre and at the high school.
(And interestingly enough, Lance's mother and I went to high school together in Taylorsville back in the day.)

Julianne has been raving about the great time she had with Lance ever since. One more fun memory to add to the numerous ones she has already of previous dates and doing so many shows together. I'm glad they enjoy each other so much.


Lori said...

Wait, wait, who is Lance's mom?

Lori said...

Oh...and I can give tutorials on how to pin that boutonniere. ;)

lizzi3marshall said...

Same here! I also get fashion ideas from Pinterest. You just can find everything in there! Anywayz, the dress really looks good on her. She’s beautiful but not in the conventional way. Your girl has good taste. :) Has she ever tried short hairstyles? I mean wear short hair?