Friday, October 3, 2014


We signed up for both Hulu Plus and Netflix this week. And yes, I realize that we might be one of the very few families left in the country who hasn't had Netflix already installed. But wait, maybe I need to back up a step.

In February of 2013 Bryan got tired of the hassle that is DirecTV. He's not much of a TV watcher on his own and despite the presence of a fairly large TV in our basement, he tends to watch anything he is interested in on his admittedly fairly large computer screen, on-line. Realistically, no one in our family watches a lot of TV. You're more likely to find us with book in hand rather than in front of the television. But there are a few random shows that the kids and I like to follow. When we cancelled DirecTV Bryan said we could install Hulu Plus for current shows and Netflix to wipe out the need for renting movies or buying TV on DVD.

But then we never did it. And that was okay. I gave up on one of the shows I follow. And found different ways to watch a couple of others. (Though Hulu without the Plus is frustratingly limited, just saying.)

So this week I finally pushed the button on the whole deal. Why was I waiting for Bryan to set it all up? I mean, hard could it be. Not very, it turns out.
(This is what happens when you are married to a computer tend to leave any and all technology related issues to him.)

But here is now my problem....and one of the reasons why my television adverse husband says he procrastinated for over a year and a half, installing Netflix in our home.
My admission:  I am binge watching "Scandal."
There, I said it.
Six episodes on Wednesday. Four yesterday and five today.

So now I'm trying to decide if Nexflix is a blessing or a curse.
I've been a fan of "Grey's Anatomy" for many years. Call it a guilty pleasure if you must. "Scandal," in its 4th season, is written by the same writer and I heard that if you liked one, you'd like the other. So when experimenting with my newly installed Netflix, I decided that "Scandal" might be just the thing to try it all out with.

All hail to Netflix for allowing you to jump from one episode immediately into the next when you find yourself at a gasp-inducing cliffhanger. Unfortunately for me, the writers at "Scandal" tend to put those in nearly every episode...

But now I am rushing through the episodes so quickly, so desperate am I to find out what happened, that they are all starting to merge together in my brain. No anticipation, having to wait for a week to discover "what the heck????"

And being productive around the house? Seriously?
(I did actually pull myself away long enough to vacuum, dust and do laundry yesterday. Brandon continues to get to gymnastics daily and I've made dinner the past few days. So hey, I'm not totally slacking.)

However if I'm being entirely truthful, I've been known to binge read books as well. (Ever hear the phrase "it's so good I can't put it down..."? That would be me.) So yeah, maybe this is more about my lack of self control rather than about Netflix...


Melissa@thebblog said...

Scott told me today that I better never pick up Sixual drinking because I have way too additive of a personality ( speaking directly of my binge tv habits)

Melissa@thebblog said...

*social! Social drinking that is. Not whatever auto correct said!!

Lori said...

Netflix has actually been a great thing here! The educational cartoons for girls notwithstanding, I can turn on MacGuyver or Leverage...any number of awesome silly shows and do whatever typing, editing, and billing I need to do and not get distracted. Instead of distracting me, which you'd assume was the norm, it keeps me at my desk longer than usual and I accomplish more of the mindless stuff that would otherwise get put off. We rock Netflix at our house. All you need to do is watch a documentary next, or any of the multiple History Channel finds and it will help you recover from a bit of Scandal.
Also, Hulu Plus isn't much different than regular Hulu, and we've cancelled it once or twice before to watch what we want on Amazon Prime. There are just a couple of favorites that no one else had though, so Hulu found its way back a couple months ago. Curse it.