Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Bucket List

My summer is shaping up to be a lot less complicated and busy than the past few. Partial reasons for that have to do with purposely pulling out of or saying no to specific things....for example, pulling out of Ragnar because of an injured hip may have been somewhat sad, but it meant time opening up where training would've been taking place. Or somewhat reluctantly turning down the opportunity to be in "Footloose" this summer in SLC. As much as I'm itching to be in a show again, I am immensely relieved to think of all those nights I'll be home relaxing with my family rather than driving back and forth to rehearsals.

So...my summer bucket list:

* Yoga or biking most mornings while my kids are still snoozing.
* Actually plant a garden and flowers and try to re-claim the backyard. (Done! Well, garden and flowers planted....let's see if we can keep them alive and make some progress in the backyard.)
* Watch all 3 seasons of Downton Abbey. (Got the first season done in a flurry of late night watching last week....)
* Watch the 2nd season of Once Upon a Time.
* Drink lots of green smoothies.
* Drink lots of water....with lemon and mint. Yum.
* Paint the laundry room.
* Build a gallery wall at the base of the stairs.
* Get a pedicure with my daughters.
* Date night with Bryan each week.
* Family Movie Night on Sundays.
* Lagoon! (We've only been as a family once in the past 13 years we've lived here. Can you believe it?? And we live practically within spitting distance of the place. Rebekah has employee discount passes....)
* READ. Really a lot.
* Go camping a couple of times. (Cause we now actually own a tent. I know, shocker!)
* Buy a BBQ. (We've been BBQ-less for the past 3 summers. So, so very sad and wrong.)
* Eat dinner on the patio as much as possible.
* Star watching nights with Brandon's telescope.
* See if it's possible to actually clean the house and then maintain throughout the summer. (Because I'm guessing my relaxing summer will be much more so if I'm not having eye-twitching anxiety about how disastrous the house is.)


Julie DeMille said...

Ugh! Keeping the house clean? Not a fun summer activity. The others sound fun, though.

Melissa@thebblog said...

all good goals - other than the green smoothies. I'll admit, i've never had one, but I don't have much desire to try. let me know how they turn out.

Heidi Green said...

I loved all your pics from the cruise... I'm so glad you guys got away and had a fabulous time.

I love your summer list - easy, fun, do-able. What color are you paining your laundry room? I've been thinking about repainting mine.