Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Birthday Girl

Lilian had a birthday yesterday. Can you guess how old she is? Hint...her curly fry from Arby's must've been meant-to-be or something. Or at least that's how Lilian saw the whole thing when she miraculously pulled this number 6 out of her fry box...

First words out of her mouth when she woke up that morning: "I'm FINALLY six years old!!!" You'd think it was sixteen rather than six with how excited she was about the whole thing. I guess she feels like she's been five and a half forever.

The first thought through my head....I haven't been pregnant in six years!! That's the longest amount of time I've ever gone in the past twenty. Because though Lilian was our six-year-gap-caboose...I got pregnant with her when Brandon was five and a half. So hey, I'm six months past my longest stretch! Keep those months and years coming because I'm never ever, ever, ever getting pregnant again. Like ever. (Yes...that nod to Taylor Swift was intentional. I have no idea why. I'm not even a Taylor Swift fan. Humor me. I must still be jet-lagged.)

 So since it was an all-about-Lilian kind of day....
(Seriously, I can't count how many times she said something along the lines of "...and you'll let me cause it's my birthday!" Which I didn't, by the way. Get away with everything like she tried to, I mean.)
....we got kids-meals at Wendy's and had a picnic at the park, just the two of us.
Which was nice and relaxing until two school buses pulled up and spewed out huge amounts of 4th graders on a field trip. Then things got decidedly loud and crowded. But we had fun anyway.

....we took friend Sophie to a trampoline park nearby.

Are they posers or what?

....and then we also went to Yogotogo for ice cream. Or frozen yogurt if you want to get all technical about it.

The plan was to go to dinner as a family. Lilian had chosen Taste of India. I could say right now how impressed I am that my kids are adventurous eaters and enjoy indian, thai and sushi, among other things. But really, I think the reason she chose this particular restaurant is because they have iPads that they let the kids play with while you wait for your food. I told Lilian we have our own iPad that we can take to any restaurant we want, but she was insistent. Because apparently she is also a big fan of Naan bread. Can't argue with that.

But we didn't go out to eat....yet. Bryan didn't get home from work till 7:30 (he's teaching a computer class at BYU this week). Rebekah was at a friend's house working on a end-of-year project and Brandon was at gymnastics. Plus, Lilian was still pretty full from all that ice cream (I mean frozen yogurt) she ate. So I brought home Arby's after picking up Brandon from gym. Because you know, nothing says birthday celebration like Arby's, right? Actually, it was because Taco Time was closed. And I still haven't got around to going grocery shopping.

So after our gourmet birthday dinner we finally got around to opening presents. At 10:45 PM. On a school night. But Lilian's a night owl and she wasn't fazed by the lateness of the hour...more irritated than anything, that we'd made her wait that long to open them.
Judging by the look on her face and the amount of hugs I got, I'd say the wait was worth it...

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MG said...

Wow I can't believe its been that long. Cute birthday.