Friday, June 21, 2013


I am a Trekkie. I don't know if this bit of information surprises you or not. At times, it surprises me. The sci-fi geekish part of me is admittedly on the small side, but is strong all the same. I'm not sure whether I am more proud or embarrassed to admit that I had a subscription to a Star Trek fan magazine. I owned a Star Trek communicator pin (that actually made the official noise when you pressed it) and actually wore it attached to my jacket. The thing is...this was not when I was a young and impressionable teenager. No, I was an adult...married and in college at Utah State University. That communicator pin....I wore it proudly around campus. Believe it or not, I actually even wrote a paper all about the ins and outs of being a Trekkie for my English class.
Yes. I did that.

And though maybe not as outwardly and obviously geekish as me, Bryan was right there with me in Star Trek fandom.(Who do you think started me down that Star Trek path??) We watched reruns of Star Trek: the Next Generation every single night at 10:00. We had a running "name that episode" contest....we'd already seen every single one. After Star Trek: TNG ended we made our way through Deep Space Nine and Voyager, finally calling it quits when we couldn't really get into the prequel series Enterprise. (Bryan always claimed it had to do with the opening credits music...such a departure from the normal Trek style theme song. Wrong, just wrong.)

I saw the midnight showing of the movie Star Trek Generations...the one that was meant to "pass the baton" from Capt. Kirk's original crew to Capt. Picard's Next Generation crew. But after awhile (and I feel a little bit traitorous saying this) the movies got a little bit well, meh. And I stopped watching. Traitorous, I told you.

But then some time went by and the Star Trek franchise rebooted itself, prequel-ing Capt. Kirk's original crew and more or less turning the Trek timeline on it's head. And oh wow, oh wow...these two newest movies have made the Trekkie in me smile really, really big!

I suppose maybe none of this sci-fi geekiness is any kind of surprise whatsoever if you've ever noticed my current obsession with Dr. Who. I haven't written any college papers on it of course. And any and all fan magazines and sonic screwdrivers are bought solely for my children. But I have toyed with the idea of getting new family pictures taken with all of us wearing different Dr. Who t-shirts. Or bow ties. Because in the immortal words of Dr. Who "Bow ties are cool."
Yes, I am a geek.


Mary said...

I laughed really hard when I read that you had a communicator pin. If I knew this, I must have forgotten.

And I loved Star Trek: TNG. Great show. My favorite was when they turned into kids. Remember that one?

Lori said...

Agreed, Katie. I still laugh every time I think of them getting turned back into adults and Picard's automatic reaction to pass his hand over is bald head, just to check. He he he. Good stuff.
A Dr. Who Family photo would be SO MUCH FUN! Jon is toying with a mock-u-photo type of thing using the blue porta-potties, pretending that it's Dr. Who's brother, Dr. What? who is going around trying to get people to accompany him, but no one will!...wonder why? ;) He he he. I love that little geek in all of us!

Julie DeMille said...

My husband is to blame for my love of Star Trek. I don't know if I'd call myself a Trekkie, but I do love the movies.