Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm going a little bit crazy

This is what my past couple of weeks have looked like:

*Monday Feb. 18: CLEAN....for 8 hours. Discouraging how messy the house can get.

*Tuesday Feb. 19: Meeting with the stake primary presidency to plan a training meeting.

*Wednesday Feb. 20: Stake children's choir rehearsal that I am in charge of that will be included in the stake Easter Cantata in a few weeks.

*Thursday Feb. 21: Higher Ground rehearsal. Song practice with my mom and sisters in South Jordan for a funeral we were asked to sing in. Higher Ground performance in Farmington.

*Friday Feb. 22: Visiting teaching appointment. DARE graduation for Brandon.

Saturday Feb. 23: Send Brandon and Bryan off to Phoenix for a gymnastics meet. Sing at the funeral of a sweet woman who lived next door to me during all my growing up years in Taylorsville. Meet high school friends for a reunion of sorts at Leatherby's. Adult session of Stake Conference in which we are providing music...and Elder L. Tom Perry is attending. (I'm Stake Music Specialist, remember?)
(Okay...this is not Leatherby''s the Spaghetti Factory where we met up a few weeks ago. But same people involved. Humor me.)

*Sunday Feb 24: Main session of Stake Conference...providing music. Stake choir practice later that evening to continue preparing for the Easter Cantata.

*Monday Feb. 25: Babysit my "Monday Twins." Stuff Monday Folders for Brandon's teacher at the elementary school. X-rays for broken arm, yay. Stuck in Bountiful because of a high speed police chase and subsequent freeway closure....but meet up with Bryan who is also stranded and an impromptu date night ensues.

*Tuesday Feb. 26: Voice lessons in the morning. Accompany Rebekah on the piano while she sings for solo and ensemble at the high school. Miss singing in my own master class so I can take Julianne shopping for jeans...she has exactly 0 pairs.

*Wednesday Feb. 27: Another stake children's choir rehearsal....spend all morning making cookies for them as a reward for their fabulous singing.

*Thursday Feb. 28: Higher Ground dress rehearsal. Chorale rehearsal down in Draper.

*Friday Mar 1: Presentation on U.S. presidents for Fun Fact Friday in Lilian's Kindergarten class. Meet with Julianne's school counselor to register her for high school (Drivers Ed....ack!) Attend the Crystal Cup gymnastics meet at Salt Lake Community College to watch my niece Kaitlyn compete...she's on the girls team at Brandon's gym.

*Sat. Mar 2: Appointment with Julianne's doctor....making decisions as to whether we are done with growth hormone or not. Lots of prep for stake primary training.

*Sun. Mar 3: Send Bryan off on a business trip to Los Angeles. Take Lilian to a song practice...she was a part of a special musical number for a R.S. lesson. 3-hour block of church. Stake Primary training meeting where we teach how to integrate sharing time and singing time...I prepare and present 4 different songs, and lead a couple of others. Stake Choir practice for the Easter Cantata.

*Mon. Mar. 4: District Science Fair for Brandon in Layton. Babysit "Monday Twins."

*Tuesday Mar. 5: Make an early breakfast for Rebekah and send her off to take the ACT. Higher Ground rehearsal and set-up. Higher Ground performance for my ward Relief Society Birthday party.

And none of this actually includes all the time I spent taxi-ing Brandon to gymnastics (he goes 5X a week) or Julianne and Rebekah to their theatre class, tap class and various other rehearsals. Or the stress that came from a particularly worrisome situation that arrived Presidents Day weekend that kept my brain spinning on overload and resulted in many long phone calls and an unwanted meeting. (Yeah...I know that's vague. Forgive me. But it's personal. I wouldn't mention it but it was part and parcel of the whole crazy busy of that week.)

It just never ends, does it? I keep telling myself....just get through this presentation or that performance and then you can take a breath and relax with a glass of milk, a cookie (or 3) and watch an episode of Downton Abbey. (I'm still in season 1....I know, I've got to get caught up!) But it never happens. Because I finish one thing and immediately have to start prepping for the next. I tell myself that I should simplify my life...but honestly, I'm not sure how. Maybe I just need to accept that my life at this time is rather crazy and find ways to prioritize my time better and enjoy the journey....instead of whining. Because I chose this! And I'm so incredibly thankful for my life and my family and all my opportunities. And also because I know that I'm not the only one and that my list here is very likely similarly crazy to many of yours....


Jewels said...

You need one of those Time Turner necklaces like Hermione had in Harry Potter. Then you could be in two places at once.
(It's funny, I have 'Wednesday Twins'.

Jill said...

Sounds like we need a sushi/cupcake run in there, too! It will be good therapy and I miss seeing and talking to you monthly :) Hang in there!

Mindy said...

I find it funny that we both now have an addition driver in our homes, yet we are just as busy, if not busier then before, when is it going to get easier? Oh wait, it's not! Love ya

Mindy said...
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Mindy said...
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Melissa@thebblog said...

so, what about the broken bone in B's arm? did you end up checking that out? is it broken?