Thursday, September 30, 2010

To make or to not make the bed...that is the question.

I was surprised this morning to hear Brandon say
"Mom, you've got to stop making my bed!" in a kind of half irritated voice.

Honestly, I thought he'd be happy I was doing this nice thing for him. At the very least, pleased that he was getting away with something.

"Why not, Brandon?" I replied.

"Because really, Mom, what's the point? I'm just going to get back in again tonight. And then it's a pain to have to untuck all my covers and pull the pillows back out..."

Sigh. Personally, I make my bed every day. It's a rare day that I find myself climbing into an unmade bed in the evening. (I hate that, by the way...)

A few days ago I didn't get around to making my bed until 6:30 in the evening. But I still did it.

I am of the opinion that even if the rest of the room is spotless, an unmade bed makes things look messy. As also the opposite is true...a made bed will make a messy room look so much cleaner, even if there's still a bunch of stuff all over the floor. Obviously this bit of motherly wisdom has not sunk in with Brandon. Or my girls for that matter. And maybe I'm doing them a disservice when I make their beds for them. I guess I'm hoping that if I do it enough they'll eventually realize that they really like the way that it makes their room look, how it feels when they climb in at night...and decide to keep it up on their own.

Or maybe I'm just making them lazy.

Regardless, it makes me feel better to see made beds in each bedroom!


Jill said...

I do the same thing! I like a made bed....

MG said...

I do the same them make it or try to get them to do it before school. I love made beds, my kids use the same logic about not making it.

Greg & Dlora said...

No one who doesn't make their bed is going to admit it on your blog! I make my bed everymorning too. Right when I get up, though sometimes I wonder if it would be better to pull back the sheets and let the bed air before I make it. I love a bed that is neat and tidy and pretty with pillows and throws! You have captured my philosophy in your blog, Sarah-girl.

Sarah said...

Ummm...yeah! You're the one that taught me to make my bed every day and all the reasons why. Like mother, like daughter! Hopefully my own daughters will pick up on it someday too.