Friday, September 3, 2010

Favorite Photo(s) Friday: From behind

I seem to enjoy taking pictures of people from behind. All three of these pictures are some of my all time favorites. Go figure.

August 2003. Julianne and her friend Tiffany walking home from their first day of Kindergarten. They were both so little, their backpacks looked huge on their backs!

Halloween 2007. Rebekah and her friend Deidra, a clown and a witch, patiently waiting for it to be time to start trick-or-treating.

December 1998. Two-year olds Jordan and Rebekah at the airport waiting and watching for that plane to land... the one that would bring Uncle Kevin home from his mission.


Mindy said...

Love those! How cute are our Kindergartner's, man they were (actually still are) so little.

DD said...

Oh yes, very cute backsides. I also like the formal portraits you had Lori's husband take--one of my favorites was the pictures where you are walking away... backsides.
When are you ordering some?

MELISSA said...

oh, all wonderful- some of my favorite pictures are of "walking away" shots too! why is that?