Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

Girls Camp was this past week. It was Julianne's first time. First time not only with girls camp but also camping in general. And even though she'd never been camping before, she'd always assumed she was not a camper. Bugs, dirt, boredom...who needed it? This has been her attitude. Well, luckily for Julianne, her first experience with camping was rather mild. They stayed in a fancy lodge in Grover, Utah. And her dad even sent her off with a cot to sleep on. Both girls, this being Rebekah's 3rd year, came back exhausted (because for some reason tradition holds that the last night of girls camp must be an all-nighter....) but with smiles on their faces, loads of dirty laundry and lots of stories to tell. One story consisted of how the heat was so intense on their hike that numerous girls ended up with heat exhaustion...Julianne being the first to succumb. One of the leaders commented to me today that she could tell when Julianne started to feel better because her spit fire attitude returned as she began to complain mightily about eating the banana they were practically force feeding her. (Julianne hates bananas.) I'm glad they are back and glad that they both had fun. I'm kind of excited to show them what REAL camping is like when we go on our big camp out next month with Bryan's family. Tents, bugs, dirt and all. But only kind of. Because did I mention that I'm not really much of a camper myself? :)


Rachel said...

My favorite youth conference was spent at the Hale's cabin in Grover! I have such great memories of that place and of hiking calf creek falls at the natl park that's right there - can't remember what it's called right now, but I bet that's where the girls were hiking. And you can tell Julianne that it was hot when I was there too. Stupid me, and the Sellers girls went off hiking on our own and got lost for a few hours...nobody was really pleased with us when we finally met back up with the rest of the ward that had been waiting for us...oh well. :) They force fed us gatoraide and lots of it! (we didn't have water with us when we got lost). Anyway, good memories! Glad they got to go together!

Mindy said...

I'm glad they had fun. My girls leave tomorrow, they are so excited.