Thursday, June 3, 2010

The faces of a birthday girl...

These are the faces of a birthday girl. Her name is Lilian and she is turning 3 today. A big girl, not a she frequently reminds us. We celebrated by driving to the Gateway (we were all set to take the train...until a big sign at the station informed us the trains were not running due to Memorial Day....) to have lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and play in the fountain.

This is the birthday girl and her older siblings...who, even though they are older, had no problem braving the horrors of a ruined hairdo to run giggling through the water with her. Especially the brother. Can you say drenched??

These are the parents of the birthday girl...happily watching the scene from outside the range of the spraying water.
Here is that same birthday girl, checking out her birthday cake. Most likely making sure that it has been baked according to her specifications....white cake, pink frosting, her name spelled out, and "candles with fire."


Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Lillian! she is such a cute girl.

MamaBug said...

What a cutie!! Happy birthday. :D