Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting ready for Ragnar

The Wasatch Back is this weekend. I am, in turns, super excited and absolutely terrified. I ran 4.8 miles last night and felt really good about it. I probably could've even gone further except for the fact that it was getting pretty dark.

To be completely truthful, 4.8 is the farthest I've ever gone. And yes, I know that some people (Katie) run 4-5 miles every single day. And other people (my neighbors) have all recently run a half marathon. But for me, 4.8 is something to be dang proud about! Especially considering my longest route this weekend will be 4.2. Granted, I have to run an average of 4 miles 3 times. In a day and a half. In the heat. With sleep deprivation.

Adrenaline, right? That's what's going to kick in and save me? Adrenaline and my special caffeine filled jelly beans.

Another admission...it took me a full hour to run that 4.8 last night. Yep, I run ridiculously slow. Luckily I am on a very non-competitive team that is more interested in fun than in making good time. Sounds like a perfect match.

I am fine tuning my running play list tonight. Just for kicks, and for future giggles, I thought I'd list a sampling of my playlist. I can still remember some of the old songs on the aerobics tape my mom used to exersize to when I was a kid. My list is very random. The songs don't necessarily have to be overly upbeat. They just have to grab and hold my attention and keep my mind off of how much my lungs and legs are burning.

"Aready Gone" Kelly Clarkson
"February Song" Josh Groban
"Congratulations" Blue October
"Uprising" Muse
"Hometown Glory" Adele
"Fireflies" Sam Tsui (a cover of the Owl City song)
"Don't Stop Believing" Glee
"Forever Young" Alphaville
"Halo" Beyonce
"Stradavarius" Kurt Bestor
"We Belong" Pat Benatar
"Bad Romance" Lady Gaga
"All the Right Moves" OneRepublic
"Goodbye" Second Hand Serenade
"Peace" Depeche Mode
"Soaked" Adam Lambert
"When All is Said and Done" ABBA
"Hold Onto the Night" Richard Marx
"Cry Me a River" Michael Buble
"Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop" Landon Pigg

There are a few more Glee songs, another ABBA, a few more Kelly Clarkson and Blue October. Enough to keep me plenty interested throughout my runs. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

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