Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mission photo shoot

As always, when in need of photos, we call our good friend...the insanely talented Jon Woodbury. A photo shoot with him consistently yields amazing photos and a super fun evening.

Like Rebekah before her, Jon has shot Julianne's senior pics and a whole host of family sessions. He's watching Julianne grow up through the lens of his camera. It only made sense to ask him to take some missionary photos as well.

Julianne originally was hoping to shoot her missionary pictures at the Provo City Center Temple, but it was closed for cleaning, which meant the gates to the grounds were also locked. Plan B was the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake, and it did indeed make for some gorgeous shots...especially when Mother Nature treated us to a winner of a sunset.

The photos are awesome...every single one of them. But here are a few of my very favorites...

Rebekah and Julianne also decided that they wanted to do some sisterly missionary photos together...

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