Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sweethearts 2016

Sweethearts is kind of a funny dance. Up until a few years ago, it was called Novelty....a themed boys choice dance. But strangely enough it was rare that boys actually asked a date. Most people went stag with a big group of friends. Recently the dance was renamed Sweethearts. Possibly because it was held in February near Valentines Day. Likely because if the dance was named Sweethearts, it might spur the boys to actually take a date rather than go stag. But the dance was still casual and still themed.

This year the theme was superheroes. Julianne was asked to the dance by Drew, a boy who served on Seminary Council with her. It actually took her awhile to unscramble the letters of his name to figure out who had asked her...partially because she wouldn't have guessed this boy would ask her out, but mostly because she was misspelling his last name. She was pretty excited when she realized it really was Drew. And then giggled as she realized what a funny couple they would make in terms of height difference...Julianne being 5", and Drew being 6' 4".

For the day activity the main event was finger painting a copy of a famous art piece. Drew told Julianne to be thinking about paintings they could copy and Julianne being in AP art history, excitedly came up with a bunch of ideas. I'm not entirely sure what famous painting this is meant to be...but you know, anything is made better with a storm trooper in it, yes?

Drew and Julianne wore matching Flash t-shirts to the actual dance. Which seemed highly appropriate seeing as we are big fans of The Flash TV series. Julianne said the dance was loads of fun. She was even able to try out the mosh pit for the first time. Being so short, moshing is a bit hazardous. But with a 6' 4" date to protect you, apparently it works well! Drew was fun and considerate and just a great date all the way around and Julianne came home beaming about her wonderful night.

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