Monday, May 18, 2015


The big day finally arrived....the FAREWELL! Oh, wait. We don't officially call it that anymore, do we? Ummm....the day Rebekah was asked to speak in church before she leaves on her mission? Nah, Farewell is just easier to say.
 (Working on her talk...)

Rebekah's Farewell was combined with Madie's Homecoming (another girl from our ward) was a sister missionary double header! But that also meant that the meeting was packed...bursting at the seams, more like it! The chapel and cultural hall beyond were filled to capacity and they still brought in chairs to make extra rows between the two rooms. I heard more chairs were added to the foyers as well. The meeting was incredibly awesome. I was super proud of Rebekah...she did a beautiful job with her talk. She seemed so poised and articulate. And her testimony was strong and sweet.

After the meeting we had an open house where everyone came over for lunch...sandwiches, salads, fruit and veggies, chips, treats and all you can eat soft ice cream. I wish I had counted but I'm not sure it was even possible to really get an accurate number of everyone who came to the house. I'm still hearing of people who stopped by that I didn't even see. We had people at our house from about 12:15 after our meeting ended to 9:00 that evening! Family...grandparents, aunts, and uncles and cousins (some of my aunts and uncles, even), high school friends, college friends, parents of friends who were already on their own missions, current wardies, neighbors from our old ward, and even friends of mine that were there to support me just as much as to celebrate Rebekah. It was the very best way. It was incredibly heartwarming to see so many people who loved my girl and wanted to send her off with their good wishes. It was such a great day!
(And when I say all you can eat soft ice-cream...I wasn't kidding. Good stuff!)

And now it's time for picture-polooza....

Alyssa was Rebekah's roommate at USU. She just received her mission call to Houston, Texas. Another high school friend made necklaces for the girls...Houston and London, respectively. I think their plan was for Alyssa to take the London necklace while Rebekah took the Houston one in remembrance of each other while they were both gone.

Jon Woodbury had his polaroid camera with him and took some shots of Rebekah and her friends. I don't think many of them had ever seen a polaroid picture develop before! Rebekah packed the pictures in her luggage to take with her, but I scanned them first so I could have a copy.
So...I look teary in this picture but I believe it or not, I did not cry once at the Farewell or the open house afterwards. I even took precautions and made sure to wear waterproof mascara, but somehow I made it through without any waterworks.

These are my high school "musketeers"....Chellie, Lori, Kami and Heather. All of them came to support Rebekah at her farewell.

And here we are in Rebekah's baby blessing. I have some really incredible friends!

Thanks to everyone who came!

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