Sunday, August 17, 2014

Swimming, hiking and kayaking...Kauai style

Beaches, beaches and more beaches. We wanted to experience as many of them as we could while in Kauai. Some were calm and therefore easier for Lilian to play. Others had bigger waves that appealed to our teenagers in their quest for awesome bodyboarding. Beaches with coral reefs for snorkeling, beaches with grassy areas and shade for relaxing and reading, beaches with better shell collecting opportunities...we searched for and played at them all. Every day a different beach, sometimes two or three, with the nearby Hanalei Bay beach being our home base.

One of our days there we skipped the beach and rented some kayaks. Up the Wailua River we paddled. We had a nice tail wind and the view was remarkably lovely. Paddling was a little harder, I think than the kids thought it would be...especially those in single kayaks. (We rented two doubles and two singles to outfit us all.) We traded around a bit when arms got tired. But it was good exercise, yes?

When we got to a certain spot in the river, we beached our kayaks and began our hike. It was equally beautiful traipsing through the rainforest.

And at the end of the trail we found ourselves at Secret Falls. We had packed some sandwiches and had a little picnic lunch...and then the girls and I climbed down into the pool at the base of the waterfall. It was COLD! But regardless, Rebekah and I even swam underneath the waterfall just for the adventure of it all.
And not that you can see very well because Bryan took these pictures with my iPhone from way far up on the rocks, but...the top picture is Julianne, me and Rebekah in the middle of the pool. And see those two tiny little people over by the waterfall with their hands in the air in the second picture? Yeah, that would be Rebekah and me.

One afternoon we wandered around Kapa'a and a farmers market there. Rebekah is already a fan of coconut so to get a fresh one cut open right in front of her with a straw for sipping out the milk...she was in heaven.

Taco stands and fruit stands and shaved ice stands, everywhere. And apparently in Kauai, no shoes or worry.

More beach pictures....because, well I have a lot of them.

We all read a lot of books on our trip. Because a vacation is not a vacation if there is not reading involved. And reading at the beach? Heaven.

I hope we can go back again some day.

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