Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to school

The first day of school was a little bit different this year. Perhaps because though Rebekah was also experiencing her first day of school at Utah State University, it was in an entirely different town and I wasn't able to get pictures. I should've insisted she send me a first day of school selfie. Hmm.
The three others, however...Julianne, Brandon and Lilian...were not able to escape the traditional doorstep photo-op.

Truth be told, I almost forgot to get a picture Julianne. I said goodbye at the door, my mind already moving onto the next order of business (waking Brandon) when I realized that I hadn't taken a picture! I made a mad dash out to the driveway, my arms waving to get her attention, and then literally made her climb out of her already running car so I could take a quick picture. And maybe its appropriate after all, that her picture is in front of her car rather than the front door seeing as this was her first day driving herself to school.
A junior at the local high school, her schedule goes something like this. (Well, exactly like this if you want to get technical. No something about it....)

1. Math Honors
2. English Honors
3. U.S. History
4. Psychology
5. Seminary
6. Social Dance
7. Chemistry
8. Ce Intro to Education

*The Ce class is a college course through Weber State University.

*Julianne was selected by her Seminary teacher to be the class president. Which apparently carries with it multiple responsibilities.

*She was also chosen to be on the Junior Committee this year which means she's involved in helping put together a lot of various school activities and spreading school spirit and that kind of stuff.

By the time Brandon left for school I had the whole photography thing under control. Traditional doorstep shot, check.

This kid is in 8th grade this year so he knows what's what over at the junior high, all the ins and outs of handling multiple classes and teachers. His schedule this year...

1. English
2. Exploring Technology
3. U.S. History
4. Science
5. 2-D Art (drawing)
6. Math
7. Science Exploration

*He likes science...can you tell?

*We're hoping to get him out of P.E. next semester. Because really, when you are at the gym 6 days each week for a total of 26 hours, isn't P.E. kind of waste of time? We have to take it up with the district, apparently. I hope we can get them agree, because I think his time would be better spent taking a different class he would enjoy more, or having a study hour.


Lilian is in 2nd grade this year. She has decided that black is to be her color this year. With pops of hot pink, she says. And that leather skirts make her look "popular." Oh my....

She also insisted that I take a picture of her backpack. She is picky about and has very clear ideas of what backpack she will deign to carry. In Kindergarten, it was Angry Birds. 1st grade was all about Monster High. This year it had to be a cross body-one strap deal. And the fact that it was black and hot pink plaid...well, done deal.

*She really likes her new teacher.

*Along with school, she also started up piano lessons. Officially she started lessons in the summer but what with various vacations and other such things, it was sporadic to say the least.

*Also she finally hit the magical time where she is allowed to join CentreStage Theatre (Julianne's studio) with the beginner class. She's beyond thrilled. She was cast for her first little play, as a cat. She was concerned about this, until I informed her that Julianne debuted as a rat in her first show, Rebekah as a poodle. She felt better after that.

 *And finally...hallelujah for the bus! With the addition of a new sidewalk leading to the school, all buses but 3 were done away with this year. And those 3 pick up kids in our neighborhood after it was deemed that not only are we on the verge of being on the school district's too-far-to-walk rule, but also, the sidewalk is not on our side of the street and there is no crosswalk or crossing guard to get our kids to said sidewalk so it is unsafe. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we are forced to walk as well. (Or more realistically, form a carpool.) But for now, thank heavens for no sidewalks, crosswalks or crossing guards!

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