Friday, December 26, 2014

Elf antics

As per Lilian's instructions (because she loves looking back at old pictures of our adventures with Chester the Elf) and so that I don't repeat myself too frequently hiding said elf in future is our most recent Christmas season worth of elf antics.

Chester showed up a few days later than normal because we were late getting going on holiday decor due to our family Cruise/Universal Studios trip. And I think I missed at least one day of documentation. But without further ado...

Day 1: Chester with googly eyes sitting on the kitchen table with a note that he would be "watching" this season.
Day 2: Strung up by the army men.
Day 3: "Do you wanna build a snowman?"
Day 4: Chocolate cravings...

Day 5: Lipstick note on the bathroom mirror (which then traumatized Lilian when she didn't notice him there until she was already in the middle of going potty....caught with her pants down, oops.)
Day 6: Spelling out his name in the hallway out of post-it notes.
Day 7: Singing with my collection of carolers.
Day 8: Holding baby Jesus. (This Fisher Price nativity is in Lilian's bedroom and she insisted on getting dressed in another room so Chester could not see her. Sigh.)

Day 9: Making his own wings out of sparkly pipe cleaner and joining the Willow Tree angels.
Day 10: Hanging out in the "C" stocking hook (out of PEACE) because C is for Chester. And bringing a little mini-me elf toy/treat for Lilian.
Day 11: Peek-a-boo from the plant in the kitchen window sill.
Day 12: Pyramid cup stacking.

Day 13: Camouflaged in the Christmas tree with some binoculars.
Day 14: Head over heels down the stairs in the slinky.
Day 15: Hanging out in the pantry surrounded by hot cocoa, chocolate oranges and candy canes...with some glow sticks for light.
Day 16: An elf inspired grocery list...
Day 17: An end-of-year Sunday reminder to the kids to pay their tithing.

Day 18: Hanging from a candy cane rope in the front entry way. (We had to watch carefully all day that we didn't bump into the little guy.)
Day 19: Photo shoot with Lilan's favorite dolls.
Day 20: Picking out his favorite Christmas music...Carpenters Christmas and Lex de Azevedo's 1980 Christmas. (Good taste...those are my favorites too...)
Day 21: Chester's final day with us before being picked up by Santa on Christmas Eve....a heart made out of candy canes and a note thanking us for the fun season and assuring Lilian that despite some ups and downs, he was recommending to Santa that she be on the "good list." (Lilian was so relieved.)

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