Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas silliness

It's just not Christmas without Aunt Jana and Uncle Craig's annual cousin party. I've been attending for about as long as I can remember....8-years old or something? Now my children look forward to it every year as well and try to rearrange their schedules to make sure nothing conflicts. (Well, other than Brandon. Take a look at the pictures and you can see he chose to go to his gymnastics workout season fast approaching and all that.) Rebekah even mentioned how cool it would be if we were still holding this yearly party after she gets married and has a baby of her own. And really...four generations? That would be pretty darn cool.

We drove down in a snow storm. And rush hour traffic. So what would've normally taken us 45 minutes took us 2 hours. We were really late. But still in time for lots of fun and silliness and Christmas cheer.
 Rebekah and Julianne playing with Maddy and Jackson. And note the inaugural unveiling of Rebekah's new glasses...
(There may have been a slight argument on the drive down about how clearly Rebekah was copying Julianne in jumping on the coolness-of-glasses bandwagon...)

Katie, Rebekah, Melissa, Sarah and Julianne....silly selfies trying to get us all in the camera on the iPhone and not being entirely successful.

"Sisters, sisters....there were never such devoted sisters...." 
(Just saw "White Christmas" for the first time.)
The traditional "Jingle Bells"....

 When the girls were little, every time we went for a visit Grandpa Dalton would tell stories. Made up, silly ones with voices and everything...usually revolving in some way around the girls as the main characters. It's been awhile and the girls are pretty big to be sitting on Grandpa's lap lately but Julianne thoroughly enjoyed this story that had something to do with driving a fire breathing dragon to school rather than a car....

A silly picture....and a normal one. Well, if you can count it normal with all those silly hats on our heads. We even got my Dad to wear one....with the price tag still attached Minnie Pearl style. 

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