Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Dance 2013

Coming hot on the heels of the girls choice Halloween Dance is another girls choice dance....the Christmas Dance. Seems a little unfair to me that the girls have two back to back like that. Especially considering girls are a little intense when it comes to asking the boy they want to take to the dance. There were girls asking boys to the Christmas Dance a few days before the Halloween Dance had even happened! Craziness. So after planning and executing a big weekend full of Halloween Dance festivities, Rebekah had to quick change gears and put together a Christmas themed "ask" the very next day...and then worry if she was actually early enough. She was. And Daniel said yes. Daniel is a wardie, and a good friend.

I was surprised that Rebekah chose a blue dress for the Christmas Dance, but she fell in love with this one as soon as she pulled it off the rack. There was a similar green dress that I was rooting for, but Rebekah insisted that she wanted to be different...everyone else would be wearing shades of green and red, black and silver. Besides...this dress reminded her of Elsa's famous dress in "Frozen" which had just come out. In fact, for their day activity, among other things...they went ice skating and then saw "Frozen" at the movie theater. So I suppose it was rather appropriate. She loved how the dress felt and looked on her and received many, many compliments.
 What a good looking pair....

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