Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend stuff

Our Thanksgiving weekend was a busy one but filled with some fabulous stuff.

Stuff like:
* Date night....just me, Bryan and James Bond. I'm not one who gets to the movie theater as frequently as I'd sometimes like. But would you believe that in the past 2 weeks I've seen FOUR movies? This is unprecedented. Wreck it Ralph with the kids, Breaking Dawn II...a girls night with the ladies in my neighborhood, Lincoln with some fellow gymnastics moms (seriously, it was SO good that I can't get out of my head) and then Skyfall with Bryan.
* A visit to Dr. Lindsay who measured Julianne at 4' 11" and is optimistic that we will likely see 5' before this growth hormone adventure ends in a few months.
* I sang in a recital up at Weber State University.
* Rebekah went dress hunting with friends for the big Christmas dance. (The hunt will continue later this week...)
* Thanksgiving was held this year with my side of the family at my parents new home. One of the main reasons for the big move was need of a different floor plan...one that would accomodate family gatherings more easily. I think this first Thanksgiving experiment was deemed a success. Along with a thanksgiving prayer over the food, family and blessings, my Dad also dedicated the new home. We all got a little bit teary, I think. It was a nice day...a great meal, of course and lots of talk and games and relaxing. (We missed you, Rachel and Spencer and Mary and Ryan!)

(And....I have my eyes closed. Doesn't it figure.)

* Rebekah and Julianne went Black Friday shopping with some cousins. I'm not a big fan of Black Friday but the girls still look at it as a grand adventure.
* Aunt Jana and Uncle Craig's annual Christmas party was Friday night. I look forward to it every year...probably because it holds such sentimental value for me now that it doesn't seem like Christmas without it. But I'm always surprised and pleased that my teenagers, who are so ensconced in the whole friend culture right now, still will easily and happily turn down any and all dates, parties or gatherings in favor of this particular yearly party. They LOVE it. I'm so glad!

(Rebekah and Julianne slept through much of the party....up all night shopping, you know. Oh my...look at my roots that need to be dyed. Maintenance, maintenance ...sigh. Brandon showed off his back flip/tuck for the talent show portion of the evening. I thought the picture, though not stellar, funny all the same.)

 (Look....twinner red jeans! And Julianne, the photo-bomber!)

* A trip to Hale Centre Theatre with friends Heather and Alison.... to see friend Will perform in Oliver, and also meet up with friend Chellie (Will's wife).
* Rebekah received her Patriarchal Blessing on Sunday morning. Oh me, oh my. What an experience. Truly the highlight of the weekend. My sweet Rebekah....oh, how I love her! How proud I am of her! Such a sweet and good and strong and talented and beautiful girl!
* A second Thanksgiving feast was held on Sunday evening with Bryan's side of the family at his brother Kevin's new house. Another experiment in accommodating family gatherings? This one was also a success. It was good to see everyone...even Steven and family coming from Wyoming and Bryan's parents ending their vacation early and coming up from St. George.


Mindy said...

Sounds and looks like a great weekend! And 2 feast's, that's the best :)
Deidra had her Patriarchal Blessing a few weeks ago too, it was such an amazing experience!

Mindy said...
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Jewels said...

How funny, I have a couple of those 'back to back' pictures from Thanksgiving, too.

Your comment about roots made me laugh. I went and bought some root touch-up the day before to do mine.