Saturday, November 3, 2012

A couple of things

#1  This is significant. We're looking at not one, not two, but THREE cars parked in the garage. And yes, I realize that it is a three-car garage...this is its purpose, after all. To house up to three cars. But until just recently, only the truck was finding a permanent home there. (And even it spent a few months sitting in the driveway when we had to rebuild during our unintentional great-garage-remodel a year ago. Ha!)  We have a lot of garage stuff. You know...the yard stuff and the handy-man stuff and the kids outdoor stuff. And sometimes it's just easy (aka lazy) to not put that stuff away properly. Especially if it doesn't really have an organized, designated place to be. Which means that Bryan's car spends as much time parked in the driveway as it does housed in the garage. So to even have two cars parked in the garage is something to be remarked upon. But three? I was determined to make it do-able. We took a Saturday and organized stuff, hauled stuff to the backyard man-cave, and even threw a lot of stuff away. But we had this know, the one that we hauled out of our master bedroom? It needed to go to D.I. But the truck at that point in time was sitting in a repair shop getting a brand new engine. So there was no way to haul it. In the garage it sat for quite a few weeks while Rebekah's new-used car got comfortable in the driveway. But this week we made it happen. And lo and behold, LOOK! The three car garage actually holding three cars! It's a miracle! A miracle to a First-World-Problem, I know. But still.

Another benefit to having all the cars in the maybe this won't happen ever again.
Actually, I already know this won't happen again. Because when this happened originally, Lilian and Noah (my Monday twins) got the talking to of their lives. And I think they are pretty solid in their knowledge that I will hogtie them if they even think about finger painting Rebekah's car (or anything else, for that matter) with mud again!

#2  I totally understand the purpose and importance behind smoke detectors, I do. Saving lives, homes, property and all of that. But tell me why home builders tend to put a detector on the very tallest of the vaulted ceilings in your home? Sadistic delight when thinking ahead to the day when the homeowner will have to find some sort of creative way to change the battery after being driven nearly insane by the constant chirping of the darn thing? Usually in the middle of the night? Luckily we have an extremely tall ladder. And a partial wall to lean it up against. And a husband with no fear of heights. Seriously, they couldn't have attached the detector to the slightly lower ceiling that runs the length of the wooden floor there? Ah, the downside of those open and light-filled vaulted ceilings. (Another First-World-Problem, I know.)


Mindy said...

I have always wondered the same thing about those dumb smoke detectors, it drives me nuts!

Jewels said...

Holy crap! That picture of him on the ladder gave me chills. I'm not afraid of heights, just tall ladders that could fall.
I left you an award on my blog. Thanks for reading!