Friday, June 8, 2012

Love Peace Ride

Little Red Riding Hood...four years biking this ride and it never disappoints.  This year, though altogether there were a good 13 ladies from our neighborhood riding, 5 of us decided to go up to Logan early and spend the night.  We had decided months earlier that this year was going to be all about fun, girly companionship and enjoying the journey.  No pressure, no competitiveness, no goals regarding serious mileage or speed...just playing the day by ear and riding what felt good.  So the thought of some shopping and dinner the night before topped off by a sleepover filled with gabbing and giggling sounded pretty darn wonderful to all 5 of us. 

We had a few raindrops and a bit of wind that couldn't seem to make up its mind which way it wanted to blow.  We had some serious energy draining HEAT.  We had an exhilarating downhill that I clocked myself going 40 mph on. We ate oreos with peanut butter on top at the rest stops.  We gained a love/hate relationship with the Honey Bucket facilities.  We smelled some Cache Valley farm animal stink that curled our nose hairs.  We flashed peace signs at our fellow riders.  We hollered out "car back!" and "on your left!" time and time again.  And we enjoyed the gorgeous scenery for a good 50 miles of pedaling.   

Sarah, Kim, Me, Jenn, Elise and Mylissa at the starting line.  

 Kim, Elise and I posing with the Big Bad Wolf and some other hippy race volunteers.  Notice our cute little skirts?  Specifically made to cover the unattractive padded behind of the biking shorts, we bought them at the LRRH expo the night before.  I can't count how many times I heard "Cute skirt!" from other riders as I biked by. 

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