Monday, June 25, 2012 style

Brandon spent this past week at a GREAT camp up at the University of Utah.  This year we signed him up for a FLL (First Lego League) class where he learned how to build and program little electronic robots out of legos...and then compete in challenges against the other kids in the class as they sent off their robots to complete specific tasks.  He had a good time despite the fact that it made for some really long days...the camp from 9:00-3:00 and then straight to gymnastics from 4:15-8:15.  However, not only was he happily and scientifically (or engineerily...haha) challenged but apparently they fed him some seriously stellar lunches.  Brandon raved, in detail,  about what he ate every afternoon when I picked him up.  So...obviously the way to this kid's heart is through his stomach.  Give him a good lunch, some science and some gymnastics and he's got a pretty perfect day.     

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