Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Losing smarts

I was privileged to overhear this little gem of a conversation between Lilian and her Grandpa while we were at their house celebrating Fathers Day this past Sunday. I couldn't stop laughing...

Lilian: Hey know how they dug a piece out of your head? That place where there is a dent on know? (He had a patch of skin cancer removed a few years ago.)

Grandpa: Yes, I know what you mean.

Lilian: Well, when they removed that part, did they take away some of your smarts too?

Grandpa: {Teasing} Yep. They did.

Lilian: Really? What did you lose?

Grandpa: What do you mean, Lilian?

Lilian: Well, like is science or math gone?

Grandpa: I think I might have lost all of the 3rd grade.

Lilian: {Gasp} Really??? Well, don't worry, Grandpa. I just finished the 3rd grade. I can fill you in!

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