Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Singers Company

Lilian joined a local singing/performing group this year called Singers Company. It's a national company with local franchises, one being here in our town run by a friend who lives nearby. Lilian knows a lot of the girls in the group from school, even though she is the only one from our neighborhood. The purpose behind this group, more than just developing musical talent, is to inspire confidence and empowerment in these little girlies. Lilian has been really enjoying it.

They had four performances this Christmas season....

First they performed at the Layton Hills Mall:

And then we took the opportunity afterwards since we were at the mall and all, to do some shopping for some Christmas Dance shoes. Lilian took the opportunity to pose with the holiday decor....

A few days later they were all excited to do their little show right near the commons area in front of the skating rink at Station Park in Farmington. I swear I checked my weather app on my phone multiple times that time and nowhere did it give any sort of indication that it was supposed to rain. But rain it did. It was a light rain and the girls were still excited about performing...and I suppose in show biz there is that old saying, "the show must go on" yes? So though their audience was not as big as it would've been otherwise and we all got pretty wet, the girls sang and danced...happily.

Their third performance was on a Friday afternoon at a retirement home in Layton. Each girl is given a solo or speaking part in one of the songs for one of the performances, and this was Lilian's turn. She practiced her solo over and over all the way to the performance....slightly worried she might flub her words. But she did absolutely beautifully. I was so proud of her!

Their final and biggest performance was held on the stage at our elementary school...a big enough venue where we could invite all the families and grandparents and have plenty of seating. It snowed horribly that day, Bryan was out of town, Brandon was at gymnastics and Julianne was frantically trying to write some huge essay for her CE english class so it was just me. (But that was okay because the rest of the family came to see Lilian perform at the mall.) Snow or no, inside was nice and cozy and the performance was absolutely darling. I even got a bit emotional when they sang "Silent Night" and asked us to sing along with them. I'm looking forward to seeing what this little group puts together for spring.

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