Thursday, September 3, 2015


It was a mad dash from my front den to the back bedroom...I'm sure they probably saw a flash of my pink fluffy bathrobe streak by as they came in the front door.

What was meant to be a productive day had devolved into a few hours sitting in front of the computer. I'd come to terms with it. After all, the blog post about the first day of school was taking me much longer to put together than I had thought...but it was on my list of things to do. So, maybe I wouldn't get a chance to visit the Museum of Fine Art today after all and needed to shift that activity to another day. No biggie. Reconsidering my to-do list, I'd already decided instead that some laundry and vacuuming would take its place after finishing said post. 

But then I heard a car door slam. It sounded close...I even glanced out the window, but didn't immediately see anything. I turned back to my computer screen. Then I heard voices. Glancing over a second time I saw Julianne walking up the front path, obviously coming home for lunch. Not unusual, really. But voices...plural. She had a friend with her. The realization of what I was wearing rushed over me and my horror deepened when I saw that not only did Julianne have a friend with her, this friend was a boy! I had seconds to decide how to play this. Stay in my seat and smile bravely? This is probably what I would've done had I been in my normal pajama pants and t-shirt. But no, today I was in a robe...a bright pink one, no less. I don't tend to wear pink anymore, but this was the robe I bought with some Christmas money from my grandparents back when I was in my first year of college. So not only a robe...but a really old and tattered one at that. I decided to grab my computer which was still gaily playing whatever song was cued up on my iTunes playlist and make a run for it down the hall.

Yes, a flash of pink. I'm sure they saw it as they came in. Because then Julianne called down a warning as they walked into the entryway and I could hear the humor in her voice, "Mom...I've brought Jaden home with me for lunch!" 

"Yes, I noticed!" I called back. "That's why I ran for've caught me being lazy this morning and I'm in nothing but my robe!" 
I heard Jaden's laugh. Good thing he feels comfortable at our house and knows our family well.

And then the memory of the state of my messy kitchen came back to me. Face palm.
Maybe this'll teach me to get ready for the day in a more timely manner after the kids leave for school....


Chellie said...

I totally love you!!! I have done stuff like that. It is nice to know I am not the only one.

Melissa@thebblog said...

Haha. Kids still keeping you on your toes.