Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween 2014

I didn't used to love Halloween. When I was a kid, of course I did. Because what kid doesn't love playing dress up and getting free candy? (I especially have fond memories of the Halloween costume parade at school. Neither of the two elementary schools that my kids have attended have allowed costumes on Halloween. It makes me sad for them.)
But when I hit the ripe old age of you're-too-old-to-trick-or-treat, Halloween became a lot less appealing. When you are a teenager Halloween is all about haunted houses and scary movies with your friends. And though hanging out with friends was desirable, the spooky activities were less so.

So it was only when I had kids of my own did the appeal return. Turns out that dressing up my littles in Halloween costumes was equal to the fun of dressing up myself when I was a kid. That Halloween was back!

Strangely enough, the magic has only grown as the kids have...despite three of them being full-fledged you're-too-old-to-trick-or-treat teenagers. And that has everything to do with the neighborhood that we live in. The whole place turns into a street carnival...haunted houses, themed houses (Lord of the Rings this year), houses with bonfires and handing out hot chocolate, over the top spooky decorations, etc.  It doesn't matter if you are 4-years old or 18, you are welcome to trick-or-treat here. Even the adults are out in force, and not just to shepherd around younglings. They want to be a part of the revelry too....often in costumes of their own.

So without further ado...

The title on the costume package said "Arctic Princess." The marketers ain't fooling nobody...she's an Eskimo. And happy to be so.

Brandon came home from his gymnastics workout with two teammate buddies in tow...

Julianne's big Halloween debut was a week ago at the high school Halloween Dance where she and her date Jackson, dressed up as a little old couple. (More pics coming soon...) On the actual night, she rummaged through the costume box and came up with the makings for Little Bo Peep so she could go to a "costumes required!" Halloween party at a friend's house.

Rebekah stayed in Logan for Halloween weekend and sent home this pictures among stories of a basketball game/Halloween party, an Institute Halloween dance, a themed dinner with the guys that live across the hall and then games till all hours of the night.

One of my very favorite Halloween traditions states that Heather and her clan join us for all the spooky neighborhood Halloween fun...this being our fourth year. And within that tradition, a BFF picture on the front porch.
Heather claims she was not going to dress up but at the last minute her daughter Morgan made her up into an "evil enchantress." Which I thought went well with my "Maleficent." Can I just say I'm glad I don't have horns in real life? Cause those things just get in the way. Wings too.

Heather convinced me to go through Shadows of Fear, the haunted house in the neighborhood that raises money for charity. In its third year, it only gets more popular each Halloween. So far, though I've enjoyed the atmosphere of it all, I haven't ever had the guts to go through. But I was informed that if we had a "princess guide" with a super, special glowing wand, we could go through the haunted house in a less scary, kid version tour where the creepy monsters don't jump out at fact, many of them will give you high fives and comment on the awesomeness of your Maleficent horns. That being said, the place still scared the crap out of me. Lilian too. That is one seriously impressive haunted house! My favorite part? When the creepy monsters took a break from scaring people and came out front to do the "Thriller" dance in the street. It's not Halloween without Michael Jackson's "Thriller"...just saying.

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